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Who we are

Lorentzo Records is a last generation recording studio located in Berriz (Bizkaia- Basque Country-Northern part of Spain). We work from the beginner groups maquettes to the projects of professional and consummated artists. StudioŽs acoustic properties in the different recording rooms, along with the use of new technologies, provide each player or the whole band together, the most efficient and appropiate answer to our different needs; for example the moment the whole band records together or to achieve different sonorities by means of changing walls...

And if you come from afar, no problem, we have a private room attached to the studio with 2 triple berths so you don't have to worry about anything other than music.

You can see here a more extended explanation about the different rooms, but do not hesitate to contact us for any issue.

Different rooms of the studio:


It has 34 square meters (8x 4,5 m), acoustically neutral due to the combination of stone, wood and different absorbing materials. Next to it has an independent engine room and a a waiting room.


Dry room of 15 square meters with an absorbing wall and ceiling, the other wall of stone and wood and carpet floor.


Alive room of wood a surface of 17 square meters, with a an absorbing ceiling and a wooden floor and walls. One of the walls has three different acoustic options (smooth wood, dispersing wood, absorbing material). This gives it a great acoustic versatility.


Big dimension room with 70 square meters and 5 meters of average height. It has oblique walls and it is acoustically alive.

Other rooms of the studio:

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